Here is some general information about us, how to reach the base, the timetable, diving .
The base is in San Vito Lo Capo’s harbor area.

If you come by foot

we are about 10 minutes from Piazza del Santuario, the main square in San Vito. As you reach the sea keep going towards the lighthouse, keep the on the right the seas. As you reach the pier you can proceed by the sea or by following the promenade that runs alongside football and basketball courts. You are almost there and you can see a grove of eucalyptus and pine trees, the dive shop is in the shade.

If you are coming by car

follow the indications for the lighthouse, when from the road you can see the sea on the right side you will see the courts I mentioned before and after a while, on the right the diving center base. It is possible to park on the road, during the summer time there is a fee to pay, or if you keep going towards the lighthouse, after about 100 meters a wide road on the left goes up hill to a free parking area, if you carry your equipment you could stop for a while to drop it and then go to the free parking ( more info at this link ).

Time table

Our plan provide three dives per day: at 8:30 to 11:00 and in the afternoon at 15:30 (the last dive when the days get shorter in october is brought forward to 15:00).
The scuba units are assembled at the diving center and the suit is also worn, the rhibs are at the jetty next to the base and half an hour after the meeting time we usually move.

Our boats

The rhibs we use are fast 7.40 meter, approved for 24 passengers, but we usually have 8 divers on board with at least two guides. Few divers on board permit us to make small groups with the same experience, we need less time to get in and out from the water, fun and safety increases. This allow us to save time and although dives are about 45/50 minutes the dive trip take about two hours from when we move to when we get back to the harbour.
Once back in the diving you can rinse the equipment or change the cylinder in case you scheduled two dives. If you have your personal equipment you can decide to leave it at the base: you can leave wetsuit and bcd on the stands and will get a basket for other equipment, we will take care of collecting everything at the end of the day .
San Vito Lo Capo is as beautiful under then above the sea level: shoals, walls, wrecks there is a bit of everything for all levels of experience( more info at this link ). I run this diving base since 2009 with 15 years previous experience all around the world. In San Vito with an average of 300 dives a year I think I have a good knowledge of the area.
I am sure you will enjoy the time with us and we will do everything to meet your expectations.

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