The name comes from the English word , and before that from the German “ Schnarchen “!
Snorkel, a pipe that allows the submarines to get air .
Snorkeling is, in practice, to watch at the bottom without having to raise your head to breathe thanks to the use of the snorkel .
And this is what we do, with us you will visit the splendid San Vito Lo Capo’s sea bed, the Zingaro Nature Reserve and the Monte Cofano

Snorkeling is not a hard, it does not require special aquatic skills and has nothing to do with diving or apnea, it’s only required a normal healts condition.
Like everythings it will be easier after a briefing and for this reason, before snorkeling, we will give you all the necessary informations : how to breathe, how to swimm, where to go and what to watch .
Under Hundred offers two kinds of Snorkeling trips, the difference is about how long it takes .
You can join the scuba divers and snorkel on the surface while they explore the sea bed from closer, in this case the excursion lasts about two hours with one hour stop, or there is the possibility of making an excursion only snorkeling , with at least two stops and a longer navigation that will allow you to visit the beautiful Oriented Reserves of the Zingaro or Monte Cofano, in this case a minimum of 6 participants is required.