Immersione diving center under Hundred Trapani Sicilia
sub cave murena e gambero Immersione diving center under Hundred Trapani Sicilia


The Open Water course allow to dive to 18 meters deep (for students less than 12 years old the depth is limited to 12 meters).
The purpose of the course is not to make you a professional diver but make you able to dive with the proper skills, experience and the necessary security.
The course consist of 3 parts, the theory, practice in the pool or in shallow water with similar conditions to the pool (confined water) and 4 open water dives.
It is not time based but you have to be able to reach some goals, about our experience it take about 4 to 5 days to complete the program, it is essential, however, be aware that you do not buy the licence but the course for achieving the licence, the ‘instructor will provide all the necessary tools but is the student that has to master the practical part and pass the quizzes and the final exam of the theoretical part.

The theoretical part, also called “Knowledge Development” can be completed in the traditional way, with paper manual and visual aids, or using devices such as smartphones, tablets and PCs.
About this second option would like to spend a few more words as it allows very interesting advantages, the most important is the freedom. The Open Water Touch allows you to complete the theoretical part at the times and places you like, is an off-line system, it will allow you to read the digital manual and watch videos easily on your smartphone or tablet and you will need the access on-line only to download the digital product at the beginning of the study and then to answer quizzes and the final exam.
This product is really flexible, many students start the theory part even before being in San Vito, and then complete the practice part during the holiday; others prefer the digital product even if already on holiday because it allows them to be free from the theoretical lessons at the diving center.


Here a Demo Video of the Open Water Touch, the video shows the English version, but the product is available in all languages: