The Isulidda dive site is very special, not spread over great depths, making it suitable for all levels of experience at the same time is characterized by a horseshoe-shaped cave (having two inputs) very attractive for games of light and for an interesting phenomenon of halocline present in the shallower part due to a fresh water spring . Outside the cave it’s easy to meet colorful nudibranchs, scorpion fish, octopus and moray eels.


Punta Negra is a small cape overlooking the Gulf of Macari behind St. Vito. The navigation to reach to the dive site runs along the entire Capo.


We’ll moore the boat an a plateau near the coast, with a bottom of about 5 meters, swimming towards east, the depth increases significantly, a first step brings us to 12 meters (And here we sometimes meet young golden grouper) a second stop at about 25meters, then a third step.


The dive takes place along a wall that goes from a maximum of 22-23 m depth to about 9 meters.



The dive start in a small cove with a sandy bottom at about 10mt , after a shallow part a drop off take the bottom at about 40mt.


The ancient tuna factory in San Vito Lo Capo is now abandoned since decades, but it is the setting for a quiet dive that begins just a few meters from the coast. The boat is anchored on a rock bottom, at a depth of about 5 meters.


The entire Tuna Factory’s bay has several underwater cliff, walls that a few meters from the shore goes down to a depth of about 40 meters .


Facing to Cala Rossa shoal, on the shoreline the dives begins from a bottom of about 5 meters where the boat is anchored, the route goes through canyons formed by large boulders fallen from the coast, reaching a maximum depth of about 25 mt.

Skull Wall

The name cames from a rock formation, which indicates the dive site, two holes in the rock and some prominence in fact look like the bones of the face.

Cala Rossa Shoal

In the Tonnara’s Gulf a bit far away from the coast from a bottom of about 40/50mt this shoal rise up with its top at about 10 mt.depht.

Cataratta Shoal

The Catarratta’s Shoal is another jewel in Tonnara’s bay, a little more challenging than the Secca di Cala Rossa, it begin at about 20 mt, like Cala Rossa is so big to offer more dive paths…

Venus Lake

This is the name of a natural pool formed by the falling boulders from the nearby coast. The scenery is very striking is that out of the water below.

Kent Wreck

Kent is a cargo ship sank in July of ’78 after a fire on board forced the crew to leave the ship…


Columns Cave

Behind the Tower of Calampiso, the boat is anchored on a plateau at about 5m depth a few meters from the shore, some meters away from the coast the plateau ends with a sharp fall which leads to a bottom of 40mt, on this wall there are several carsic caves

Chimney Cave ( Zingaro Reserve )

This cave is the first dive in the Reserve of the Zingaro, is a cavity with two entrances one at 18m and the other on the wall about 35 meters

Spring Water Cave

The cave get its name from the source of fresh water that is inside.
It’sa large cavity with the entrance at about 14mt right along the coastline…

Capua Wreck

The Capua was a small cargo ship, with a tonnage of 400 tons, a length of 45 meters. and a width of less than 8 meters…