Immersione diving center under Hundred Trapani Sicilia


Scuba Diving, although changed a lot over the years, still has for somebody the meaning of “extreme sport” and “dangerous activity”, but once you have the chance to learn a bit more will be easy to understand how the reality is different.
On top of all I would like to invite you to a think about something else: Wich is the right way to cross a street? Stop, look right and then left and then …. Go!
This is the right way because you know that otherwise you might get hurt, in the same way but with different rules every day we drive the car, cut the bread and do a thousand other things without incurring accidents. Often thinks we don’t know seems to be more dangerous of what they really are, how did you felt, for example, the first time you was driving a car?
Let’s go back to scuba diving but first I have to ask “will you trust us?”, the question is because trust is the keyword.
Trust is what will allow you to enjoy a wonderfull experience that will open you a new world, but let me be clear: when I ask you to trust me I don’t mean that you have to close your eyes and do everything I will ask you, when we plan this kind of experience, before going in the water we follow some different steps
First of all the scuba diving, as all sportive activities, requires a normal state of health, so the first step will be to check, filling out a simple questionnaire, that there are no health conditions that can affect our dive.

The second step will be to prepare the equipment, you will have the chance to try everything you need: fins, mask, wetsuit and all everything else.
This will allow you to become familiar with the equipment that we use underwater and before going to the sea we will have a briefing that will explain you step by step everything will happen once on the dive spot.
We will explain you how to get into the water, how to swim, how to breathe and all the necessary information to make that experience easy and unforgettable. Only at the end of the breafing we will be ready to go.
The dive will be in shallow water, an instructor will follow you “always” from the first to the last second in the water and the dive will begin only after having a few minutes at the surface to get confidence with the environment and the equipment.
To sign up for a PADI Discover Scuba Diving experience, you must be at least 10 years old. No prior experience with scuba diving is necessary, but you need to be in reasonable physical health.
And now what do you think? Do you want to try?