Will be a different summer but we are doing everything to make it happy, safe and fun.
Extra rules are required to contain Covid-19 Virus and we tried to summarize below, we will adapt in case of change of legislation.
The available area for reception and / or information requests is the shaded area in front of the diving center if not busy for equipments assembly / disassembly. If the shaded area is busy, the area in front of the diving base will be used. The area is big enough to guarantees social distances.Use of face masks is mandatory as well as advanced booking.
The number of customers who can access to the diving services at the same time depend from the number of passengers who can be boarded on our rhibs, in compliance with the distancing rules. Guests are allowed only to the out-doors area.keeping the necessary distances.
Use of face masks and disposable gloves will be according to current laws statements. The check-in will include measures to reduce the risk from Covid-19, including a specific Medical Declaration (DAN-RSTC) to be filled in and signed ( download here ). Dispensers with disinfectant liquid will available at the base, customers can take place using the benches on the perimeter and the veranda area in observance of the mandatory distances.
On the boat dispensers with disinfectant liquid will be set up.
The way to and from the boat will be staggered maintaining a distance that avoids gatherings due to any slowdowns douring boarding and landing procedures. The divers, as well as on board, will maintain the safety distances even when back from the dive.
Equipment will be rinsed separately. Dive shop’s rental equipment will be rinsed from the dive shop staff, guests equipment can be rinsed at the base and sanitized by proper products (as shown below).
Diving Center daily cleaning and sanitization, including equipment and boats will be carried out according to the provisions of the Ministry of Health. Inside area floor by Sodium hypochlorite in a percentage of 0.1%. Hydrogen Peroxide in a percentage from 0.5% to 3% will be used for the sanitization of surfaces within reach hand, boats, equipment and in dispensers to disinfect hands.
To improve your ability about Coronavirus could be interesting an on-line course ( click here for more info ).


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