In recent years, Under Hundred have been given the opportunity of working in partnership with online booking services. However, Under Hundred individualised services and attention to your needs will be incompatible with online booking -Where you can click a button, enter your credit card and book a dive.

The reason is quite simple:
Under Hundred work on your ability and needs. For example, you may be a very experienced diver and have The PADI Rescue Diver Qualification, and 400 dives logged, you did the last dive two weeks ago and the first 10 years ago. Under Hundred would not therefore want you to be on a dive with an Open Water Diver at the first dive after the course.

Or maybe you want to try diving for the first time you, obviously you will need special care. We at Under Hundred care about you regardless of your ability and experience (click here for more information).

Because of this reason often Under Hundred adapt the kind of dive based on the diver’s experience, Under Hundred will only accept reservations based on the kind of dive.

Scheduling diving is a daily activity that takes into consideration a huge number of variables: divers experience, diving spots already visited, weather conditions and much more!

With this many variables we cannot offer online booking services. It doesn’t work.

We therefore ask that you contact us, via email in the first instance.

We aim to respond to you promptly and we will work to assess your diving needs.

We also have a lot of useful information or help to find accommodation or transfers from nearby airports or cities to San Vito where we are based.



Write to us and we will reply quickly