About us


Marina and Roberto are married since 1999 , together since much longer. Their love for the sea started before, but this was dued, to their home city, Napoli.
Passion became a profession in 1997 with managing a diving center in Kenya. With the years they moved to different locations around the world: Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Egypt) South America (Honduras, Brazil, Argentina) , and diving centres in Sardinia, then Campania and just for case Sicily.


Working in Sicily started by a lucky chance, love for the sea met an amazing place like S.Vito Lo Capo, where the sea itself is the main attraction and where a sleepy diving centre was waiting to be awake. Marina and Roberto did it.
They did it following an idea, not a “new” idea but simply a good idea. And the good idea was to bring the standard from a small diving centre on the sunny African beach to S.Vito. The location is quite the same: the base faces a sandy white beach and is situated under a pine wood that keeps it cool even during the hotest days in august.
From the jetty, close to the base, with a fast rubber boat we reach many of the dive sites on the North-Oriental Sicily coast.
This area is a paradise for divers: walls, shoals, caves, wrecks at different depths and for all the levels of experience.
And experience is the factor that makes diving ” enjoyable “. A dive to be ” enjoyable” needs to be on one side within the divers experience limit, on the other side it has to exceed those limits just enough to improve his experience.
This is the target Marina and Roberto are following.
And there is no place, better than S.Vito Lo Capo and his coast to reach this goal.
UnderHundred Diving Centre is here, right on the beach, open from April to October, waiting to guide you without hurry through the beautifull dive sites between Zingaro Reserve and Capo S.Vito.

TEC DEEP Instructor
16 Sep 2015
IDC STAFF Instructor
27 Oct 2014
Master Scuba Diver Trainer
22 Oct 1999
Open Water Scuba Instructor
20 Sep 1998
EFR Instructor
21 Sep 2003
Medic First Aid Instructor
22 Sep 1998
Emergency Oxygen Provider Instructor
05 Nov 2014
Sidemount Instructor
08 May 2012
Digital Underwater Photography Instructor
06 Dec 2007
Equipment Specialist Instructor
17 Nov 2005
AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Sp Instructor
21 Jul 2001
Deep Instructor
22 Oct 1999
Enriched Air Instructor
22 Oct 1999
Underwater Navigator Instructor
22 Oct 1999
Night Diver Instructor
22 Oct 1999
Search & Recovery Instructor
22 Oct 1999
Peak Performance Buoyancy Instructor
20 Sep 1998
Project Aware Instructor
20 Sep 1998
Distinctive Specialties
Open Water Sidemount Diver
29 Nov 2011
Archaeology diver instructor
05 Jan 2017

SSI Instructor
1996 ( no teaching status )
TSA trimix Instructor
1998 (no teaching status )
HSA Instructor