There are some species of animals that inspire fear: Lions in the savannah , wolves in the wood, sharks in the water! And the planet earth is covered for more than 70% by the water.

The fear of sharks is so widespread that it even deserves a name “Selacophobia” (selachios = cartilaginous in ancient Greek) and it seems to be a problem even for prominent personalities like Brad Pitt and Justin Timberlake! Like many other phobias, Selacophobia can cause: increased heart and respiratory rate, dizziness, sweating, etc. About the causes of this disorder, a quick google search is enough to get an idea and I can confirm in advance that Spielberg’s film “the shark” will appear almost everywhere.

Reality is really different, it seems to be easier to be struck by lightning than to be the victim of a shark attack. To be honest sharks should be much more afraid then Brad Pitt : we exterminate more than 100 million of them every year.

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Something can change and you can help, the time is almost over for it!!

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