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24/11/2017     Read: 1755

 Years ago, the passion for the sea, for diving and travelling pushed me to make a choice: to go!
I decided to move in Kenya for one year internship ,then I spent there two years, then went to Egypt, then to South America, then Sardinia , Campania and now in San Vito Lo Capo .
In two and a half lines I did summarize more than 20 years, happy years that I spent diving in a lot of places, meeting a lot of people and travelling. Basically doing what I like to do !
It is not only fun , you must be able to adapt , you need to be patience , to be polite is important because sometimes we deal with people that are not .
Especially at the beginning I did not dive as much as I wanted, on the other hand today I dive more than what I wish, but this is my job, a good practice has allowed me to grow up and to turn a hobby into a business .
For those who love the sea and scuba diving and want to invest time on themself, such opportunities are open quite often, and also Under Hundred in San Vito Lo Capo is looking for help.
If you want to "Take the GoPro Callange" feel free to contact us for more info: